Top 6 most prestigious door handle stores in Sydney

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When choosing a doorknob for your home, you need to choose one that has the right design and is of good quality. Why? Because the door is where you open and close many times a day. It is the person who sees you off to work in the morning and picks you up in the evening. Therefore, it is necessary to install door handles that make you feel comfortable to touch, keeping your home safe even when you are away. If you are looking for door handles stores in Sydney, check out a few suggestions below:

1. Sunlite Miter 10 – York St door handles stores in Sydney

Address: 60 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9299 1944

Sunlite Miter 10 is one of the reputable stores providing building materials products, including interior accessories. In Australia, Sunlite Miter 10 offers a wide range of products such as kitchen cabinet accessories, wardrobe accessories, and carpentry accessories with hundreds of product categories.

Sunlite Miter 10 – York St is a chain of stores selling building materials, including door handles

The cabinet door handles at Sunlite Miter 10 are high-end products, widely used in housing projects. The store has many styles of handles with modern and youthful styles with delicate designs. The cabinet handles of Sunlite Miter 10 store are applied to kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, counters, and aluminium glass doors and can be applied to many different materials.

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2. ADH Studio door handle 

Address: 2 Canal Road St Peters NSW 2044

Phone: +61 2 9564 2877


ADH Studio is one of the reliable doors handles you can refer to and choose from. The advantage of this store is that it has all kinds of door styles with modern, traditional, contemporary, classic, minimalist, art styles…

Besides, they also have clear proof of the origin and origin of the product. Most of the goods are imported from the UK, Germany..

3. The Lock and Handle door handle stores in Sydney

Address: Unit 5, 44 Sparks Ave Fairfield VIC 3078, Australia

Phone: 03 9489 0515

The Lock and Handle is an online store that sells door handles and accessories. Their sales are mainly online with the main scope of Sydney. In addition, they also deliver throughout Australia.

The advantage of The Lock and Handle store is that many simple, affordable door handles are suitable for a wide range of customers, both popular and high-class.

People in Sydney often prefer traditional door handles

In terms of materials, you can choose from copper, nickel, and metal door handles with many designs such as levers, handles, circles, and squares… These are all models that are popular with most people and businesses. Sydney businesses choose

4. Complete Doors Sydney door handle

Phone: (02) 7254 1000


Address: 30 Garema Racetrack, Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208

Complete Doors Sydney is a shop that both provides door handles and door installation services in the central Sydney area. The advantage of this store is fast delivery, affordable prices, and professional and dedicated installation.

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5. Door handle Push or Pull

Phone: 1300 853 323


The Push or Pull store offers quality home, office or mall door handles. Door handles and knobs are items that are used many times a day. Therefore, you need to buy a high-quality product to avoid premature failure. The advantage of the door handle at Push or Pull is its diversity, suitable for both residential and large projects such as restaurants, hotels, shops, office buildings, etc.

6. Luxterior door handle

Address: 81 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010


Luxterior is one of the addresses providing unique and famous door handles in Australia.

The advantage of Luxterior doorknob shop is that there are many types of door handles and knobs, door fittings made of copper material, and colourful, unique designs designed by professional designers.

Brass door handle with luxurious design and good material

The quality of the door handles at Luxterior is appreciated by many customers as very durable, not rusty over time, and highly aesthetic, in addition to hanging clothes, they can also be used for home decoration.

We deliver in Sydney and cities across Australia. Call us for advice on the door handle you are looking to use for your project.

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Currently, the trend of online shopping is being favoured by many people around the world because it saves time and effort. Therefore, you can choose the door handle on the websites and order it delivered to your home. With the 6 door handle stores in Sydney above, we hope you can choose the one that offers the door handle design that best suits your purpose. Call Luxterior if you love brass doorknobs!

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