Types of tempered glass locks and detailed quotes

The demand to buy tempered glass locks on the market is increasing, so many people are wondering what kind of tempered glass is good and how much it costs. Below, Luxterior will suggest durable, affordable tempered glass locks.

The most popular types of tempered glass locks in 2022

1. Tempered glass lock for hydraulic floor

– Is a rectangular tempered glass lock, the lock is inside the plastic core. People often put the hydraulic floor lock close to the floor, below the glass door to ensure safety and aesthetics for the interior space.

– The lock is fixed by screws that are fastened to the glass door. Along with that, the lock is designed to sink deep into the floor, which is very anti-theft and anti-cut.

Tempered glass lock for rectangular hydraulic floor

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2. Tempered glass lock for sliding doors

This popular type of tempered glass lock is usually used for sliding tempered glass doors. There are two main types:

– Negative tempered glass lock: there are 2 small types: single negative interlock and double hand lock. To install this type of lock, one has to cut the glass with a specialized machine to get the right size.

A tempered glass lock is often used for sliding tempered glass doors

– Tempered glass lock for semicircular sliding door: This type includes 2 smaller types:

+ Single semicircular tempered glass lock: Includes hook and key core, used for sliding tempered glass doors with 1 wing.

+ Double semicircular tempered glass lock: The structure consists of 2 moon-shaped halves joined together to form a closed circle. This type of lock is designed to fit the knob and lock so that the key can be used to open or close the door easily

3. Electronic tempered glass lock

With this type of lock, 02 types are most popular and ordered, which are:

– Magnetic card tempered glass lock without wire connection: Installed directly into the glass door. You just need to remove the 2 door handles to open the lock to be able to install the lock quickly.

– Lock tempered glass magnetic card with wire connection: Including many parts such as electronic lock, card reader,…. are connected by wire together. This type of lock helps you manage and extract daily data to control the number of people entering and leaving apartments, companies, commercial centres or offices.

The electronic tempered glass lock is the most popular and ordered

4. Tempered glass door lock opens with fingerprint

It is a type of tempered glass lock that uses fingerprints instead of a regular key to ensuring the safety of people and property. Often used in apartment buildings or companies for daily attendance.

The latest tempered glass lock price list in 2022

Tempered glass locks today have a very diverse price, depending on the model, style and thickness of the tempered glass. You can refer to and choose some high-end tempered glass lock brands below:

– Unicor GR500-BW-CL Korean fingerprint tempered glass lock costs from 250 – 300 USD.

– Kaadas M500 fingerprint tempered glass lock (Germany) costs about 280 – 350 USD.

– Yale YDR-413 American fingerprint tempered glass lock set costs about 370 – 430 USD.

– China’s Tenon rotating fingerprint tempered glass lock product has a price of 200 – 250 USD.

– China Good D32W-A / D32-A fingerprint tempered glass lock with rotation / pull opening is priced from 220 – 240 USD.

– Korean tempered door lock Samsung G510 costs about 170 – 190 USD.

– Korean tempered glass lock Commax CDL-220PB has a price ranging from 460 – 510 USD.

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Hope you have chosen a suitable tempered glass lock set for your home. Besides, if you are looking to buy more high-quality door handles, you can immediately contact Luxterior for the most detailed advice and quotation. Luxterior will deliver to you all over Australia at a discounted price!