What is a magnetic card lock? The advantages of the magnetic card lock

Are you an owner of a motel, or hotel or a manager, or an investor? Are you in need of a safe, convenient, modern and luxurious lock system? A magnetic card lock is the most effective solution. Currently, magnetic card locks are gradually replacing traditional locks. So what is a magnetic card lock? What are the advantages of magnetic card locks?

  1. What is a magnetic card lock?

What is magnetic card key learning? The advantages of magnetic card locks will help you choose the optimal door lock, safe for your family.

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– Magnetic card lock (also known as a magnetic lock) is a type of lock that includes a padlock made of metal. This lock has a magnetic core inside, and the key is a card that looks like an ATM card with a very special material.

Structure model of magnetic card key (also known as a magnetic key)

– People design the chips that have been magnetized by RFID Technology into the card so that no one can see it with the naked eye. Using this type of magnetic card helps you only need to carry 1 magnetic card without having to carry a bunch of big keys for each specific purpose.

– RFID technology (short for “Radio Frequency Identification”) – is a radio wave technology that helps identify objects by reading the information in chip cards at long distances.

2. The outstanding advantages of the magnetic card lock

– Integrating many unique and preeminent features: In addition to the magnetic card unlocking function, you can also open with a code, a backup key or a fingerprint in case the card has problems, helping to save money. save time. Therefore, the magnetic card can also be used to time attendance for employees throughout the company.

You can also connect to the Internet via smartphone to unlock it in less than 1 second. Landlords can also monitor the arrival and departure times of guests when needed.

– High durability: Magnetic card locks are usually cast in monolithic steel alloy, making them extremely durable. The locking pin uses 304 stainless steel to help prevent rust and theft easily.

Magnetic card locks are usually cast in solid steel alloy

– Ensure safety and security: The magnetic lock has an alarm system to help you detect immediately when a thief breaks in. This helps to improve the security of the lock. Intruders often enter the wrong code more than 5 times or intentionally break into the lock. At that time, the alarm system will sound and the thief will be caught. Even if you leave the door open for too long, or close it improperly, the alarm will sound to alert you.

– Extremely good fire and explosion prevention: The manufacturer also installs an additional temperature sensor chip right in the lock. When the temperature around the lock rises above 60 degrees Celsius, the emergency siren sounds, and the door lock automatically opens to help people escape easily.

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Above is the concept of what a magnetic card lock is as well as the advantages that a magnetic card lock brings. Note that you should not arbitrarily install but need to hire highly qualified technicians or locksmiths. Please contact us immediately for advice and choose the right type of lock! Luxterior is a supplier of all kinds of locks from traditional to modern, all goods are imported genuine. Not only providing high-class magnetic card locks we are also ready to consult and install free magnetic card key management software when you need it.