What material should the coat hanger use?

Wall hooks for coats are items that we use every day. However, how to choose the right wall hook, to ensure quality, convenience and durability? Below, Luxterior will learn with you how to choose wall hooks for clothes based on material.

Common materials used to make wall hooks for coats

Usually, depending on the material, wall hooks for coats will be divided into the following types:

– Sort individual wall hooks for coats by stickers:

Depending on the type of sticker (used to stick to the wall), wall hooks will be divided into wall hooks for coats using modern Nanotechnology, coat hooks using double-sided glue, wall hooks using high-quality glue or wall hooks for coats nailed. taigo88

Currently, wall hooks with modern Nanotechnology are the most used type. Because this type of wall hook has extremely good adhesion ability. Next is a metal coat hook for the wall with nails, this type has a strong grip because the nail is firmly nailed to the wall, so it is difficult to peel off.

Sort individual wall hooks for coats by stickers

– Based on a large wall-mounted coat hook: With this classification, there are usually 4 types, and their advantages are as follows:

+ Large stainless steel wall coat hooks: This is a high-class wall hook, capable of resisting rust even if often in harsh climates. At the same time, stainless steel material also brings class, elegance and modernity to the interior space.

+ Double coat hooks for a plastic wall: This is a popular material, so it is cheap and affordable. At the same time, plastic wall hooks have many beautiful designs and designs, so they will help your home have more outstanding highlights.

+ Wall hooks with wooden shelves: These are delicate, durable designs, strong enough to keep your coat hanging on the wall as desired. This type of hook helps to increase elegance, showing the owner’s aesthetic taste.

+ Brass wall hook: this is the most durable, best material and has a luxurious design, suitable for modern or classic style homes. You can hang heavy items without fear of falling like glue hooks.

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What material should wall hooks for coats?

– With wall hooks for coats for a mud bath using glue, don’t ignore the Nanotechnology hook. This type of hook is extremely easy to use, just stick it straight to the wall and you’re done without the hassle of drilling, punching and nailing.

With metal coat hooks for walls, stainless steel is the ideal choice. Stainless steel material is durable and moisture-proof and can be used in all environmental conditions without worrying about rust or dirt.

Choose wall hooks for coats based on individual preferences

– If you like to use wall hooks with many beautiful, luxurious and durable designs, you should choose brass. This is a coat hook that many Australian families use in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room. Go88

In addition to hanging coats, you can hang keys, hats, and bags very conveniently near the door.

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To buy brass wall hooks for coat, contact Luxterior for advice, support and a quote. We have hundreds of wall hooks with unique designs, only available at Luxterior’s store.

Our wall hooks are not only used as coat hooks but can also be used as decoration in the living room. Please choose your favourite models and give us a call for early delivery.