Is fingerprint door lock waterproof?

When installed outdoors or on the eaves, fingerprint door locks are very susceptible to rain, wind, and sunlight, causing damage and reducing life expectancy. Therefore, “is the fingerprint door lock waterproof” is a question that many families are wondering.

The truth is fingerprint door lock is as waterproof as you think.

– As the electronic lock line chosen by many people to make the house more modern, safe and solid, the fingerprint door lock has many outstanding features. This includes high security and water resistance.

A fingerprint door lock has many outstanding features, including water resistance

Thanks to the toughened shell, the fingerprint door lock can resist shocks, and damage, and is waterproof when it rains. However, it should be remembered that no door lock product is completely waterproof.

– The manufacturer will use an IP54/ IP55 reader for optical fingerprints or in the form of live scans to help the door recognize fingerprints to unlock in the fastest way. At the same time, the smart fingerprint door lock is manufactured with super durable materials, giving the highest level of waterproofing. Therefore, the lock will have high durability in harsh weather conditions such as hot sun, and wet rain.

– The darkest thing about fingerprint door lock is scratch condition. If you don’t take care of it, causing the touch screen to be scratched, you will not be able to open the lock. Therefore, the manufacturer will have an additional technical box to help keep the fingerprint reader safe.

– Although it is known that the fingerprint door lock is water resistant, in reality, no one has measured this ability yet. Therefore, when using, you need to pay attention to minimising the penetration of water into the door lock to prevent unwanted risks and malfunctions.

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How to use and store fingerprint door lock

– One thing you must not forget, is to read the user manual of the electronic lock carefully. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly clean, maintain and maintain the door lock to be clean and durable.

Read the user manual of the electronic lock carefully

– If the door lock indicates a low battery, you must replace the battery immediately, do not leave the damaged battery in the safety for too long. If the lock is broken or damaged, you need to repair it properly. It is best to immediately call a professional locksmith for assistance.

– To get high-quality fingerprint door lock products, you should choose to buy at reputable stores. Whether buying directly at a store or buying online, you need to say NO to products of unknown origin. Do not be greedy but buy poor-quality fingerprint door locks, affecting the safety and aesthetics of the door set.

– Fingerprint door lock must be installed properly, according to the manufacturer’s standards. Do not install it yourself, as it may cause the lock to become loose, jammed or unusable.

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Surely your question “is the fingerprint door lock waterproof” has the correct answer. In particular, the safety and convenience of the door lock is also significant contribution of the door handle. Right now, you can immediately call Luxterior to have our staff advise on choosing the best quality door handle products. Luxterior accepts delivery throughout Australia at extremely affordable prices.